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6no9 [Mar. 4th, 2009|09:58 pm]

We're getting a new foster bro soon. I'm excited and I hope it will go as well as it did with my older bro and everyone else. Today I just love my family so much. Haha like Ibu was tryna convince my lil bro that powder milk is better than the normal one and the lil dude said ''Agh, sixnonine?'' Damn man! My lil guy is learning!
Then I was at work today cleaning one fucked up place with my older bro and Anthony just came up ou of the blue and bought me some chockolate cookies. Then we took up some 411 watching the machine dryer go round and round.
Gotta go to school tomorrow. Fuck it man all da same shit starting all over again. Today was a great reminder why I dont hang out with Finnish people. Expecially girls. They like to create a group and then like start getting closer and closer and just push some people out of it. Then like if they find themselves alone they will come talk to you like you were their best friend. Well bambaclat I dont need to be told twice. I'm not gon start listening to that shit no more, what is it with me that I'm always the second choise? Hell no I aint gon angst nothing about fitting in, fuck I do fit in just not with these fucking Finns and their social problems. Like wake the fuck up and crawl out of yo bushes, ya'll like the most antisocial people in the world. Aysh Imma just focus on my own stuff and real friends rather than getting involved with all the drama. Ya'll keep with it if you want but I dont need no fair weather friends.

Kuthiwa lihluba udlubu ekhasini, kodwa ngikhuluma nje ababuzi kimi uma befuna udaba, mina ngiyafoneleka futhi nazi izikhulu zoMnyango oMandla Ngema, oMqadi nabanye abaningi akubuzwa ngani kubo uma kufuneka okuthile ngoMnyango wethu.