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A great day [Mar. 25th, 2009|09:08 pm]

Whoa I had like the greatest day ever!
Our new foster bro Wafiq has settled here just fine. He came to Finland about a year ago as a refugee from Darfur, Sudan. He was placed to foster care in my family a week ago. He's very shy and quiet, I guess it's partly 'cause he's only 12 years old. Kabi was 14 when he arrived and it was like trouble followed him. Wafiq is so calm. He's a bit scared of my older brothers 'cause they're so noisy and always acting like some damn monkeys. The poor boy was shocked when they walked in like ''HEYYY LIL WAGGADAGGARAGGA WAZAAAAAAAP!?!?''.
I'm happy we get along so well. He has faced so many problems in his life, he lost his parents at the age of 10. I really think he needs someone to talk to so I'm slowly trying to make friends with him. He's a great guy, we had so much fun today. He has to start school next week.
He speaks good English so we haven't had any problems with that. First he was a lil bit shy to show us that he is a muslim, but we already knew so I encouraged him to stick with my brother (who is a muslim too) and they've been doing their stuff together now. He's taking Wafiq to the local Mosque on friday. It's a good thing we don't have to worry about the food.
Only 2 days till my birthday! My lil' brother is also celebrating on sunday. He's already 5 years old, kids grow up too fast.