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Feelin' odd :D [Mar. 31st, 2009|08:50 pm]
Whoa I had a strange day. I was really sick in the morning, I felt like I was about to die, but then after a while it got a bit better. I was just really tired for the rest of the day. After school we took the same bus with my friend and he walked me all the way home to make sure I was ok, then he gave me a huge hug :) actually 2 huge hugs. That was so sweet, really cheered me up. He's so cute and caring, aww.
Oh and my dad is a total idiot really :DDD He met my friend in the morning and mentioned it later today when we were having dinner.
''I saw Isabella's friend today, she was really pretty and she had BLUE hair!''
''Really I've never seen anyone with hair like that!''
''I mean is it even possible?''
''Those were hair extensions.''
''The hair what now?''
''Hair extensions''
''What' that?'' :OOOOOOOOOO

Totallyyyyy tiiirreeeeddd noooowwww :D bona-ke banikela ngesheke :P We went to get some pop tarts and whoppers with Wafiq, and I totally fell on my ass. AND HE LAUGHED! :D WHAT A TRATOR DOING A BENI HUH?!
I'm waiting for tomorrow, I hope it's gonna be great :) I WANT MORE HUGS <3 ;)

[User Picture]From: ruchichu
2009-10-29 06:11 pm (UTC)
i will ♥ u forever.
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