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The New Nation of South Africa [Feb. 16th, 2009|01:59 am]
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Usually when people think of South Africa they see whites and blacks. Whites are usually thought as being racist and blacks as criminals. The ''old'' whites in South Africa are usually racist because that's the only thing they know. And also the only thing they want to know. Some of the younger people are racist because they're raised to be that way. They like to defend their opinions by talking about crime rates or just personal experience. I don't judge that, but I also don't support that kind of generalising. Most of the people in South Africa are black so of course most of the crimes are commited by blacks. And we must not forget how different are the conditions of mainstream blacks and whites. Ones who live in extreme poverty are more likely to commit crimes just to feed themselves for god's sake.

When it comes to blacks, they are not perfect either. It’s often said that Apartheid was in the past an they should just move on and let it go. How do you expect blacks to just ‘move on’ when the Apartheid is still strongly affecting their daily lives? They are still not equal. They are not supposed to ‘move on’ or ‘let it go’, but I think it’s finally time to FORGIVE. Huge mistakes were made. Hate will not do any difference. What do blacks want? Rights?  Want to be on the same line? But hating and being bitter will not do any good, it will just create more racism. Forgiving doesn’t mean ‘bowing down to the white man’, hell no. It means STANDING THE FUCK UP for yourself, for your people. It means you are a strong nation who’s willing to leave the past behind and take responsibility about the future.

One thing I'm pissed off is about the whole Apartheid and how it's seen these days. Some idiots are saying that's when everything was better and some idiots are blaming all the whites for that. First of all, THE WHOLE THING SUCKED. BADLY. But seriously, it was in the past. Not far in the past, but yet there. Most of the older people have changed their opinion, and some of them AT THE TIME didn't even support apartheid. Then there are the younger whites, who were just kids, or me, I was not even born. I'm tired of hearing bullshit about something I had nothing to do with. Or is it just because I'm white I should pay for something some idiots who HAPPENED to be the same color did before I even started my life? Who's being racist now?

Blacks and whites just need to stop blaming each other, have some trust and belief.

Of course, what I said above was not the whole truth. The thing about black and white is not so black and white, at least not in South Africa. I know many white people with the heart of gold. And I don’t just mean that they go around the ghetto hugging kids, giving food and feeling all good about themselves. I mean the ones who care. Who are fair. It’s not the biggest population but there are many. And I’m proud of them. There are also blacks who care about the people of South Africa, and not just the black people, but also the white. South Africa is a country of many backrounds, but the greatest thing is that it’s our country. 

The New Nation 

The key to end the conflicts is to turn all the energy people are using to fight into development. You can’t do it if you’re racist. Black racist or white racist. Divided people can’t develop a country together. But a New Nation is rising. The nation of all races, all nationalities in South Africa. The New Nation includes everyone who’s ready to work for a better tomorrow. It sees no whites, no blacks, but people.

Racism will go down in South Africa. It will probably never fully disappear, but it will go down. Whites and blacks are no longer isolated from each other. They are making friends and even getting married, things like these create understanding. I grew up in an orphanage close to Durban. All the kids there were black, except for me. We were raised by blacks and my mother language is Zulu. At the age of 6 I was adopted by a foreign white mom and a black South African dad. They divorced later and I'm now living with my dad. I think I have a good understanding for both races, and if I don’t, then I’m willing to learn and understand better. Together, people like us, white and black open-minded people can create a better and surely the strongest New Nation.

South Africans, be proud of what you are.