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Feelin' odd :D [Mar. 31st, 2009|08:50 pm]
Whoa I had a strange day. I was really sick in the morning, I felt like I was about to die, but then after a while it got a bit better. I was just really tired for the rest of the day. After school we took the same bus with my friend and he walked me all the way home to make sure I was ok, then he gave me a huge hug :) actually 2 huge hugs. That was so sweet, really cheered me up. He's so cute and caring, aww.
Oh and my dad is a total idiot really :DDD He met my friend in the morning and mentioned it later today when we were having dinner.
''I saw Isabella's friend today, she was really pretty and she had BLUE hair!''
''Really I've never seen anyone with hair like that!''
''I mean is it even possible?''
''Those were hair extensions.''
''The hair what now?''
''Hair extensions''
''What' that?'' :OOOOOOOOOO

Totallyyyyy tiiirreeeeddd noooowwww :D bona-ke banikela ngesheke :P We went to get some pop tarts and whoppers with Wafiq, and I totally fell on my ass. AND HE LAUGHED! :D WHAT A TRATOR DOING A BENI HUH?!
I'm waiting for tomorrow, I hope it's gonna be great :) I WANT MORE HUGS <3 ;)
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BBBBIRTHDAAAAAY! [Mar. 28th, 2009|12:33 pm]
I like having a birthday. I haven't always had a birthday, I actually got it from the Finnish goverment in the year 1999 I think. I had to go through many medical tests and stuff like that, of course they could never tell my age for sure. So what I should say is that I THINK I'm 17 now.
Usually in cases where the child's birthtime and -date cant be defined they will get the estimated birthyear and the birthday for January 1st. That's why many refugees have ID's that say the birthday is 1st of Jan. and they have a mark for ''UNIDENTIFIED PERSON''. Well in my case, cause of the adoption they couldnt give me a passport that says I'm not identified cause through adoption I should get the finnish nationality from my mom. So they said that the passport will have to be marked legal anyway so my parents can select another bithday for me instead of 1st of January. 
But after all the the little word UNIDENTIFIED was added to my personal and medical records. I can be few months younger or few months older really but I dont really care cause I now have a legal birthday and a social security number. I have an identity.
Well, celebrating this legal birthday was really fun, I had loads of friends here yesterday, we cooked and watched some movies. Mom is still in Tunisia but she sent me a message today saying that I can pick up my present from her house if I have the key. I'll go there later today. Dad woke me up with my brothers today and they sand Happy Birthday in like 5 languages. I almost fell asleep again but my lil' brother was jumping on my bed so I couldn't.
I also got a package from Universal Records with Akon's new CD and authograph, plus some other suff like make-ups. It was great! My little brother gave me a card he made in playchool. He cant really write yet but the card was just adorable, it said:
Haha I used to write stuff like that back in the day! Overall this has been a great birthday. Thanks ya'll.
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A great day [Mar. 25th, 2009|09:08 pm]

Whoa I had like the greatest day ever!
Our new foster bro Wafiq has settled here just fine. He came to Finland about a year ago as a refugee from Darfur, Sudan. He was placed to foster care in my family a week ago. He's very shy and quiet, I guess it's partly 'cause he's only 12 years old. Kabi was 14 when he arrived and it was like trouble followed him. Wafiq is so calm. He's a bit scared of my older brothers 'cause they're so noisy and always acting like some damn monkeys. The poor boy was shocked when they walked in like ''HEYYY LIL WAGGADAGGARAGGA WAZAAAAAAAP!?!?''.
I'm happy we get along so well. He has faced so many problems in his life, he lost his parents at the age of 10. I really think he needs someone to talk to so I'm slowly trying to make friends with him. He's a great guy, we had so much fun today. He has to start school next week.
He speaks good English so we haven't had any problems with that. First he was a lil bit shy to show us that he is a muslim, but we already knew so I encouraged him to stick with my brother (who is a muslim too) and they've been doing their stuff together now. He's taking Wafiq to the local Mosque on friday. It's a good thing we don't have to worry about the food.
Only 2 days till my birthday! My lil' brother is also celebrating on sunday. He's already 5 years old, kids grow up too fast.
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Uppppdate [Mar. 8th, 2009|07:02 pm]

I made new friends over the weekend!
Despite some incidents these have been great days. And only like one and a half weeks to go!
Anthony thinks he can play the quitar but really he cant. We went to get some poptarts with Hamdi and Kabi yesterday, and dad is making bobo, at least he thinks he is.
Jayden and Jared are coming over soon hehehe cool. I love spending my sundays watching two 4 year-olds.
I'll be back

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6no9 [Mar. 4th, 2009|09:58 pm]

We're getting a new foster bro soon. I'm excited and I hope it will go as well as it did with my older bro and everyone else. Today I just love my family so much. Haha like Ibu was tryna convince my lil bro that powder milk is better than the normal one and the lil dude said ''Agh, sixnonine?'' Damn man! My lil guy is learning!
Then I was at work today cleaning one fucked up place with my older bro and Anthony just came up ou of the blue and bought me some chockolate cookies. Then we took up some 411 watching the machine dryer go round and round.
Gotta go to school tomorrow. Fuck it man all da same shit starting all over again. Today was a great reminder why I dont hang out with Finnish people. Expecially girls. They like to create a group and then like start getting closer and closer and just push some people out of it. Then like if they find themselves alone they will come talk to you like you were their best friend. Well bambaclat I dont need to be told twice. I'm not gon start listening to that shit no more, what is it with me that I'm always the second choise? Hell no I aint gon angst nothing about fitting in, fuck I do fit in just not with these fucking Finns and their social problems. Like wake the fuck up and crawl out of yo bushes, ya'll like the most antisocial people in the world. Aysh Imma just focus on my own stuff and real friends rather than getting involved with all the drama. Ya'll keep with it if you want but I dont need no fair weather friends.

Kuthiwa lihluba udlubu ekhasini, kodwa ngikhuluma nje ababuzi kimi uma befuna udaba, mina ngiyafoneleka futhi nazi izikhulu zoMnyango oMandla Ngema, oMqadi nabanye abaningi akubuzwa ngani kubo uma kufuneka okuthile ngoMnyango wethu.
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ORIGINALLY ORIGINAL. [Feb. 26th, 2009|11:00 pm]
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I've been reading this book from Alexandra Fuller called ''Don't Let us go to the dogs tonight''. In the beginning of the book there was a part that really got to me. It was just as I had written it in my childhood.

''My God, I was the wrong color. The way I am burned by the sun, scoroched by flinging sand, prickled by heat. The way my skin erupts in miniature volcanoes of protest in the presence of tsetse flies, mosquitoes, ticks. The way I stand out against the khaki bush like a large marsmallow to a gook with a gun.
White. African. White-African.
'But what are you?' I am asked over and over again.
'Where are you from originally?'''

That's the question that always strikes to me. I hate it. They ask me
Where are you from?
- South Africa.
No, really?
- Yeah.
But you are white.
- I know.

Home is home for everyone right? I was born in South Africa, and that's where I grew up. I would love to add ''Oh my parents are from there and there'' if I could. But I cant. I have no idea where they're from. I dont know them. The only home I know is South Africa, isnt that enough? I'm always asked questions. I dont mind about it, I like telling people about me if they want to know, the problem is THE WAY they ask, the look they have on their face.
My mom is white and my dad is black, that's where it starts from. ''He's not your real dad'' Oh, yes he is. He is the REALEST dad I ever had. He is not my biological dad but he sure is real. Just like my mom is real. One of my friends just met my dad and I guess I hadnt mentioned it to him before, because my dad's skin color seemed to be a huge surprise. Later he said ''Oh come on he's not your real dad anyway. He's black'' so I asked him if he had ever heard of adoption. ''You're not adopted'' he said. Whew, now why would I say that if it wasnt true? ''Yes I am.'' I said, and I guess he could hear from my voice that I was getting pissed off.
'' WELL THEN it can be accepted''
His dad sure doesnt need anyones acceptance.
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The New Nation of South Africa [Feb. 16th, 2009|01:59 am]
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Usually when people think of South Africa they see whites and blacks. Whites are usually thought as being racist and blacks as criminals. The ''old'' whites in South Africa are usually racist because that's the only thing they know. And also the only thing they want to know. Some of the younger people are racist because they're raised to be that way. They like to defend their opinions by talking about crime rates or just personal experience. I don't judge that, but I also don't support that kind of generalising. Most of the people in South Africa are black so of course most of the crimes are commited by blacks. And we must not forget how different are the conditions of mainstream blacks and whites. Ones who live in extreme poverty are more likely to commit crimes just to feed themselves for god's sake.

When it comes to blacks, they are not perfect either. It’s often said that Apartheid was in the past an they should just move on and let it go. How do you expect blacks to just ‘move on’ when the Apartheid is still strongly affecting their daily lives? They are still not equal. They are not supposed to ‘move on’ or ‘let it go’, but I think it’s finally time to FORGIVE. Huge mistakes were made. Hate will not do any difference. What do blacks want? Rights?  Want to be on the same line? But hating and being bitter will not do any good, it will just create more racism. Forgiving doesn’t mean ‘bowing down to the white man’, hell no. It means STANDING THE FUCK UP for yourself, for your people. It means you are a strong nation who’s willing to leave the past behind and take responsibility about the future.

One thing I'm pissed off is about the whole Apartheid and how it's seen these days. Some idiots are saying that's when everything was better and some idiots are blaming all the whites for that. First of all, THE WHOLE THING SUCKED. BADLY. But seriously, it was in the past. Not far in the past, but yet there. Most of the older people have changed their opinion, and some of them AT THE TIME didn't even support apartheid. Then there are the younger whites, who were just kids, or me, I was not even born. I'm tired of hearing bullshit about something I had nothing to do with. Or is it just because I'm white I should pay for something some idiots who HAPPENED to be the same color did before I even started my life? Who's being racist now?

Blacks and whites just need to stop blaming each other, have some trust and belief.

Of course, what I said above was not the whole truth. The thing about black and white is not so black and white, at least not in South Africa. I know many white people with the heart of gold. And I don’t just mean that they go around the ghetto hugging kids, giving food and feeling all good about themselves. I mean the ones who care. Who are fair. It’s not the biggest population but there are many. And I’m proud of them. There are also blacks who care about the people of South Africa, and not just the black people, but also the white. South Africa is a country of many backrounds, but the greatest thing is that it’s our country. 

The New Nation 

The key to end the conflicts is to turn all the energy people are using to fight into development. You can’t do it if you’re racist. Black racist or white racist. Divided people can’t develop a country together. But a New Nation is rising. The nation of all races, all nationalities in South Africa. The New Nation includes everyone who’s ready to work for a better tomorrow. It sees no whites, no blacks, but people.

Racism will go down in South Africa. It will probably never fully disappear, but it will go down. Whites and blacks are no longer isolated from each other. They are making friends and even getting married, things like these create understanding. I grew up in an orphanage close to Durban. All the kids there were black, except for me. We were raised by blacks and my mother language is Zulu. At the age of 6 I was adopted by a foreign white mom and a black South African dad. They divorced later and I'm now living with my dad. I think I have a good understanding for both races, and if I don’t, then I’m willing to learn and understand better. Together, people like us, white and black open-minded people can create a better and surely the strongest New Nation.

South Africans, be proud of what you are.

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Gettin' started [Feb. 16th, 2009|12:59 am]
Whew, it's my first post.
Well everything starts from something and this is how my blog starts. In the future ya'll gon read about a lot of stuff going on in life, mostly MY life. So let's get to it.
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